About Astro


  Astro Gold, musical artist, was born and raised in the mean streets of LV. A true music aficionado, growing up with many different influences, such as classic rock, disco, new wave, RnB, hip hop, metal, indie, ect. Astro has had a plethora of musical experience: from being lead guitarist of a hardcore band, to writing finger picking folk music, but was not until being introduced to the “dance scene” that true musical motivation arose. Going through an “edm” phase, now much more into the underground dance scene, Astro strings together chill funky disco vibes one day, raw bassy house techno vibes the next, constantly adjusting his set to the environment. One thing you can certainly expect is to get them feet moving .

Personal Info

  • astrogoldmusic@gmail.com
  • astrogoldmusic.com
  • behindcitylights.com
  • behindcitylightslv@gmail.com


Upcoming Shows

5/16 @ The Griffin, Downtown LV

5/17 "where the wild things go" @ The Vanguard, Downtown LV. Starts at 9p

5/18 "Rinsed Mondays" @ Beauty Bar, Downtown LV

5/28 "Behind City Lights ft. DUDLEY PERKINS" @ Hard Hat Lounge, Downtown LV